About Us & Mission Video Script (539 words)

-Ali Diab: A little over six years ago I was hospitalized completely out of the blue I incurred a half-million dollar hospital bill and I was very surprised a few weeks later to start receiving notices from our health insurance company that most of my hospitalization was not covered.

I spent hundreds of hours on the phone with our health insurance company trying to understand and unpack why and that’s when the idea for Collective Health came to me. I just think health insurance needs to do better and we have to be able to offer an experience to Americans that’s better than the one that I had.

-Rajaie Batniji: Our mission is to make it effortless to understand, navigate and pay for care it’s that simple. The core of what’s not working in health care is the fact that we are running 20% of our GDP on infrastructure that is 30 years old and was not built for the care that we’re delivering today.

-Hope Kragh:  The reason we’re here is because we want to make a difference in health care. We want to change the status quo both for our clients as well as for their employees who are trying to navigate through this very complicated healthcare delivery system

-Ali Diab: When customers move to Collective Health they should expect something that is truly refreshing, clear, concise, doesn’t waste your time.

-Susan Dybbs: We build a technology platform that not only allows employers to better manage their benefits and control costs but actually gives members and experience that they truly love. You can easily see your medical dental vision coverage as well as what other benefits that your company may provide.

-Sarahjane Sacchetti: We pay far too much for health care to not demand better and receive better. I believe that  Collective Health is going to become synonymous so the premium experience that we should all expect from our health insurance.

-Rajaie Batniji: The amount of user research that we do leads to really important insights. We have an obligation to be ensuring incredible data privacy there’s nothing more sensitive than health information at the same time to use that data to generate the learnings and the insights that are so often missing in this industry.

-Ali Diab: I started this company to help people. I feel so proud of the work that we’re doing because I know it impacts hundreds of thousands of people’s lives in a really profound way.

-Hope Kragh: Every single one of us has a reason for being here and we’re all driven to make that experience better.

-Ali Diab: We have people that have worked on some most important cancer discoveries in the last 25 years. We have engineers who’ve worked on designing autonomous vehicles and we have people who designed user experience interfaces for some of the most beloved and widely used consumer brands on the planet.

-Rajaie Batniji: Now it’s even more clear to me that the movement that we create is far more important than any product.

-Ali Diab: The power is not in health insurance industries hands, the power is in the American employers hands.

-Rajaie Batniji: What we’re building here is the foundation for the transformation of American healthcare.