About Us & Mission Video Script (566 words)

-Rajaie Batniji: If you think about the experience that people have with healthcare they might love their doctor. But it’s hard to find anybody who feels like dealing with their health insurance is straightforward.

-Ali Diab:  I think that given how much money we spend on health insurance in this country every year just in the private sector it approaches a trillion dollars. That needs to be a lot better we deserve a better experience.

-Rajaie Batniji: 93% of all private health insurance is paid for by employers and the majority of employers in this country are on a self-insured plan that basically means they’re kind of like they’re running their own mini insurance company.

And they’re doing it without access to data, they’re doing it in the dark. We’re giving self-insured employers a toolkit that allows them to operate their health plan with better analytics, better access to information then even the best insurance companies have today.

-Ali Diab: On average an American spends between five and six thousand dollars a year on health care I think the experience should reflect that.

-Rajaie Batniji: We’re not trying to bring about incremental change in a health care system, we’re actually trying to fundamentally reimagine what the health insurance experience looks like.

-Ali Diab: The experience I envisioned, we all envisioned at Collective Health is one where people actually are –  maybe they’re not excited necessarily to call their health insurance company but they feel assured that when they call them there’s a person on the other end who actually cares about their well-being, that wants to make sure that they’re taken care of and treats them that way.

We’re designing everything about health insurance experience from the ground up because we’re talking about people’s health here, we’re talking about something that is really serious, has serious consequences, is expensive, is sometimes traumatic and tiring and difficult. So we want people to feel like this helping hand that is there to support you through the entire way.

-Rajaie Batniji:We’re partnering with some of the most forward-thinking actors that are in the industry because they know that we deserve better.

-Ali Diab: That sort of goal of actually making the end user feel really taken care of is really what drives me it’s personal for me because I’ve been through it, but fixing it for good is something that really drives me.

-Rajaie Batniji: I love practicing medicine, I continue to love practicing medicine. The reason that I find this so much fun and so satisfying is that we’re impacting a lot more people than I could as an individual doctor. I think what we are creating and what people are signing up for when they join this company, when they sign up to be a customer, when they sign up to be our partner is a movement that’s actually going to totally transform them generate experience.

-Ali Diab: To me Collective Health is a lot more than a company or a product or a service, and it’s a movement to me that represents the highest ideals, which are, you know, to make things better not just for yourself but for everyone around you. So we invite people to join us like if you believe that you can make healthcare better in this country and beyond then you should join Collective Health because we’re going to do that.