About Us & Mission Video Script (402 words)

If you walk around our office you’ll notice that we have a lot of data on display, we have exactly 57 televisions displaying dashboards for a 110 people that’s a ratio of 1 television to  192 people or 0.518 televisions per person.

You get the feeling that there’s an ungodly obsession with numbers and that’s because there is.

All of these dashboards are powered by a tool we have built called Bigbrain

-Bigbrain is our internal business intelligence I’d say workforce.

-And everyone has access because in today’s day and age without data you’re just another guy with an opinion.

It all started from one KPI four years ago and that was to track how many paying companies we had his clients but then we started putting everything into big green.

-We’re using it as a CRM system for sales and SDR.

-I do media buying here and I use a bigbrain to optimize my campaigns.

-We use bigbrain attract all the a/b tests we’re doing.

-Since I’m making this video I get to pick what to show you so I’m gonna start with my favorite and it’s this line, its name is Boris…and it tells the future

-We spend two and a half million dollars a month on marketing!

-But we have a free trial and it takes a few weeks for signup to convert so the intent model affectionately known as Boris predicts how specific cohort that we invested marketing in today will behave in the future.

-And basically I don’t have to wait two or three weeks to be able to understand how my campaigns are performing.

-The blue lines are predicted conversion and the red line is actual conversion you can see the correlation is pretty tip-top. Boris uses technologies like machine learning or random forests artificial intelligence, primitive algorithms and machine learning.

Yeah! quick cold shower after that!

The general concept is to give people tools to do things that they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise for example a/b testing different functionality in our product

-Yeah! we do tons of a/b tests.

-And… yeah that’s about it really? I mean there’s also a broad bit of demographic distribution, interfaces for controlling user accounts, grant discounts with the click of a button today, landing page generator, marketing reports, Net Promoter Score, SAS metrics and stuff like MRR and ARR, using  engagement profiles, leave management encodes… mmm my favorite.