About Us & Mission Video Script (231 words)

-Yang Han: StackAdapt technology team tackles some of the hardest problems in engineering. One of them is scalability in the advertising space we’re connected to over 50,000 websites and apps, which means we also have to handle the traffic reports so we deal with 100,000 requests every single second. that’s something we have to handle efficiently and deliver responses in under 100 milliseconds.

-We really try to understand the problem from a data perspective.

-We ingests over 30 terabytes of data per day and empowers everything that we do. As a data scientist it is one of my few jobs to turn that data into useful information and I think that sets us apart from our competitors.

-A part of a high-growth team is a lot of fun. It’s great acquiring new people who can teach you new things that you might have not known before everyone’s very motivating so it’s always fun to come to work and just is everyone smiling and ready to get the job done. It’s just a really great environment if you’re into learning.

-The people is absolutely the engine of StackAdapt with technologies, dreamers, innovators and we work together as a team to push our limits and to challenge the status quo every day.

-There’s nothing more that I want to go to then wake up in the morning and do amazing work that changes the industry, it’s fantastic.