9 Top Marketing Blogs To Boost Your Software & SaaS Business

Software marketing is tough. Products are complex. Sales cycles are long. Competition is high.

But can you really market software so it sells like hotcakes?

Yes, you can! The strategies and tactics are out there. You just gotta find them.

Over the years, I’ve been desperately searching for input. Unfortunately, there is no one go-to resource for software and SaaS marketing.

But there are some great blogs out there, written by industry leaders in the marketing and software industry.

Today, I’m sharing with you the results of a decade of searching the web for inputs on how to market and sell software and SaaS tools. Some of them you might know. Others might be totally new to you.

I’ve successfully implemented dozens of the strategies and tactics I’ve found in these blogs.

Feel free to hit me up if you have questions about some of them. I’m happy to help!

The Top Marketing Blog For SaaS

Founded by Neil Patel, one of the top 10 marketers worldwide according to Forbes, this comprehensive blog features everything marketing in regards to software and SaaS.

Don’t miss out on the following strategies and tactics.

Here are my five must-reads for any software and SaaS marketer from the Crazyegg Blog:

The Top Marketing Blog For Software

Neil Patel is a serial entrepreneur. Kissmetrics is another of his companies, grown almost entirely via content marketing. This blog is a bit more technical but features great info on software sales and marketing across the board.

Here are my five top reads:

The Best Online Marketing Blog Out There

No worries, this is the last of Neil Patel’s blogs. This is the godfather of marketing blogs, featuring everything from SEO to lead generation to online and content marketing.

If you’re not following Neil Patel already, do so. You’ll be amazed how much high-quality content this top marketing blog provides!

Out of the myriads of great marketing strategies and tactics, here are a few to get you started:

The Best Copywriting Blog

Founded by Joanna Wiebe, a passionate copywriter, her copywriting and marketing blog gives you deep insights from a copywriter’s perspective.

Especially for technical software and SaaS products, there’s loads of advice to be found.

Follow this blog, and you’ll never get stuck again when writing about software and SaaS, no matter whether on your website, blog or social media.

Fun fact: Joanna Wiebe also writes for Neil Patel. Here are my top picks:

The Best Software Startup Blog

Alex Turnbull really created a masterpiece with his blog. In fact, he grew his customer support software startup only by content marketing!

The most outstanding characteristic of his blog is transparency: No matter whether it’s internal revenue or deadly problems he was facing, he shares his valuable lessons with us.

This is great marketing advice from a software startup’s perspective. But also as a seasoned software entrepreneur, you will find loads of great advice!

Have a look at these special posts – the essence is in the details:

The Top SaaS Blog

Lincoln Murphy is a definite authority in the SaaS space. Growth, pricing, and customer onboarding are his specialties.

Don’t be mistaken: I do believe that customer onboarding is nothing else than 100% marketing. It’s enabling your trial users so they can see and feel the benefits. And become happy customers.

Take a look at these great sales and marketing pieces:

The Top Blog For Customer Onboarding

If there’s a company out there that had dedicated itself to customer onboarding, it’s Intercom. Their blog features great insight and advice how to enable your customers and accompany them on their journey.

Here are my five recommendations to start with:

The Most Comprehensive Marketing Blog

HubSpot is THE content marketing platform. That’s why their blog is just huge and filled with data-driven insights.

This is another blog I absolutely recommend you follow.

Here are my five top picks to give you further insights into video marketing, which I consider just ideal for software and SaaS businesses:

Incredible Guides On Content Creation

MailChimp was the first software tool I’ve used that had personality.

I’m not exaggerating. The first tool to give me a “high five” after I had successfully sent out a newsletter. I just love it.

And I think that as software entrepreneurs we can learn a lot from MailChimp:

  • How to stop make dead-boring software.
  • How to put some fun into the tools.
  • How to make it a bit more human.

Instead of some blog posts, I want to recommend two of my favorite guides:

MailChimp Content Style Guide

This internal MailChimp guide gives great insight into how to write about software and technical stuff.

Voice & Tone Guide

This guide explains how to adapt to the user’s feelings. A lot of great examples how to make the software texts and messages enticing.

Lots of great advice.
Have fun implementing!

You probably know some of the marketing blogs above. Or you might even follow some of them.

To be really frank: I’ve always liked learning. But implementing their strategies and tactics? That often took me a whole lot longer.

Which is why I really want to recommend that you squeeze in the time and pick the articles that have the biggest potential to move your business forward.

The above-mentioned articles and guides are my absolute favorites.

I have implemented dozens of their marketing & sales strategies in my own companies, especially selling B2B CRM, on-premise and SaaS.

What are your favorite sources and articles about software marketing? Please share them with us in the comments!


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9 Top Marketing Blogs To Boost Your Software & SaaS Business
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9 Top Marketing Blogs To Boost Your Software & SaaS Business
9 Top Marketing Blogs To Boost Your Software & SaaS Business


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